And So Forth - Qualified for 2017 Pony Finals

And So Forth, "Junior", is a Small Pony and a barn favorite for his good looks, great personality and 10 jump. Qualified for 2017 Pony Finals, he is a 2005, Welsh Cross with Permanent Card and Lifetime USEF Membership (Record # 5218091). Fancy small, consistently outplacing the competition, especially in the handy and under saddle rounds. If you want a winner - this is it! For sale or lease.

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Kneipp Farm takes pride in its extensive knowledge and experience in the equine industry. We rely on local, national, and international contacts to find the most suitable horse or pony for your individual needs. Lease programs are also available. 

Currently Offering for Consideration:

"Merlin" is a 2012 16.2hh Oldenburg of North America gelding who, as a five year old, has been ridden by our adult amateurs in lessons, knows how to take a joke and still outperforms beautifully. Registered "Premium Foal." Merlin has inherited fancy traits from Galoubet A and Contucci blood lines. He presents scope, the disposition for an amateur and the talent for a competitive ring. Merlin has had a great weekend in the Low Hunters and price will increase with miles.

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Fun for All - Qualified for 2017 Pony Finals

Fun For All, "Pippa", is a 13.1 1/2 Medium Pony mare with Permanent Card is always in the ribbons, while doubling as a lesson pony, teaching kiddos who are learning to trot poles and cross rails. This pony rides like a Cadillac, is brave to the jumps, super sound going barefoot and very handy. Great for a kiddo wanting to polish their skills in the Short Stirrup and move up to the division. For sale or lease. Will consider pony Finals lease. 

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